Ramos – released!

Our new album – Ramos – is available in all platforms!  Released by Redshift Records. Music by Brazilian composers Rafael de Oliveira, Paulo Guicheney, Edson Zampronha, Maria Eduarda Mendes Martins, Rodolfo Valente, Rodrigo Meine and Paulo Rios Filho.


Ramos showcases seven works created in collaboration with seven Brazilian composers, exploring new ways to relate to and reflect upon today’s world, including the creative processes themselves. These works were initially part of a broader 10-year project – entitled Going North – through which I developed a number of collaborations with composers from my native country, Brazil, along with those from my adopted country, Canada.  The seven pieces recorded here all challenged and expanded my roles as a pianist and as a performer. They required me to make use of my voice in new ways, and to develop new methods to promote synchronicity with the electronic media.  The creative processes that led to this program continued into the recording and production of the album itself, in collaboration with audio engineer Amandine Pras. I am deeply grateful to each of the composers who embarked on this journey with me, and hope that the listening experience for you will be as rewarding as the creative processes were for us. (L. Cardassi)

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