Going North

Capa CD-Going North-Luciane Cardassi2Music for piano (+ voice) and electronic sounds by Canadian and Brazilian composers

2020, Redshift Records

Luciane Cardassi, performer

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1.  AhojAhoj (2011) by Terri Hron
2.  Dois Aforismos com Interlúdio (2010) by Jorge Villavicencio Grossmann
3.  Wonder (2012) by Emilie LeBel; Text: Sue Sinclair
4.  Berimbau (2019) by Alexandre Espinheira
5.  Estudo de um piano (2008) by Chantale Laplante
6.  for will robbins (2010) by Darren Miller
7.  Converse (2018) 9:50 by Lia Sfoggia, Guilherme Bertissolo, Luciane Cardassi
8.  The Boat Sings (2012) by Fernando Mattos

The eight electronics-infused solos heard on Going North collectively inhabit a world that is opaque yet ethereal, introspective but restlessly dynamic. Each one’s electroacoustic elements read as organic, psychedelic extensions of her performance rather than as contrived digital appendages—an impression helped by Cardassi’s exquisite command of the piano’s extended vocabulary. Together the compositions form a continuous but ever-changing path, mirroring Cardassi’s ongoing journey between Brazil and Canada while vividly unfolding magic-realist excursion for listeners.

Going North. . . in memory of my dear friend Fernando Mattos

Producer: Luciane Cardassi | Recording producer, mixing engineer: Amandine Pras | Mastering engineer:  Graemme Brown – Zen Mastering | Recorded at the Rolston Recital Hall, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, in May 2019 | Assistant engineers: Andrew Chung, Mike Fiore, Chris Kengard and Matthew Manifould | Audio and Music Technician: Henry Ng | Coordinator of the Audio Recording Engineer Practicum: James Clemens-Seely | Piano Technician: Albert Picknell | Graphic design: Rosana Almendares | Cover photograph: Lia Sfoggia – Via Lua Fotografia | Make-up: Gabi Marins

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.