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My ebook Performing with Confidence is now available on amazon, for ONLY $2.99!  Cover photo by the awesome Mark Unrau.

cardassi_Performing_with_ConfidenceDo you feel anxious before a public appearance? Do you have the skills, knowledge, and experience you need to overcome your performance anxiety?

When you apply the concepts from Performing with Confidence – 10 Steps to Overcome Performance Anxiety and Stage Fright, you’ll have developed your own pre-performance routine to help you feel comfortable and confident on stage. Get ready and learn new coping techniques so you can perform with more joy, trust and confidence!

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More than 1,100 students have already taken my online udemy course, Practical Steps to Overcoming Performance Anxiety – I am thrilled!  This ebook has a summary of the content discussed in that course.  And this is what the students are saying…

“This course was amazing, in a really short time it teaches you a new awareness and self-confidence that allows you to better face anxiety both on stage and in life.”  Giulia Frascione

“FANTASTIC! Precise, straightforward and very helpful. A gift for life to ALL performers!”  Lorena Orozco

“A great contribution to this important topic! Very practical and systematically thought-out. I will definitely recommend to my students and colleagues. “Colleen Athparia

Very useful advice for performers and teachers.This has given me some practical and concise advice to help my students. Thank You.”  Michelle Todd

The course is fantastic and filled with super useful information and exercises. Don’t miss out. Good material for seasoned pros and students alike.” Alejandro Ochoa