Debut album by the rockeys duo, a unique collaboration between harpsichordist Katelyn Clark and pianist Luciane Cardassi that explores the unexpected combinations of piano, harpsichord and electronics.

2017, Redshift Records

rockeys duo:
Luciane Cardassi, piano
Katelyn Clark, harpsichord

For complete program notes: brocade


1. Brocade – Linda Catlin Smith
Katelyn Clark (harpsichord), Luciane Cardassi (piano)
2. Breaker – Emilie LeBel   
Luciane Cardassi (piano), and electronics
3. ?! !? (interrobang) – Annette Brosin
Luciane Cardassi (piano), Katelyn Clark (harpsichord), and electronics
4. …the obsessive circularity of thought… – Anna Pidgorna
 Katelyn Clark (harpsichord)

Track 1 recorded by Chris Lyons/Alejandro Goldstein (2014), Rolston Recital Hall, Banff Centre AB. Edited and mixed by Amandine Pras (2017).
Track 2 recorded, edited and mixed by Paul Talbott (2012), Glenn Gould Studio, Toronto ON.
Tracks 3 and 4 recorded and edited by Mathilde Genas/Ben Erikson (2016), Rolston Recital Hall, Banff Centre AB.
Mastered by Amandine Pras (2017).
Produced and designed by Katelyn Clark and Luciane Cardassi.