Balada para um avião que deixa um rastro de fumaça no céu / Estética do Frio II

baladaBy composer Celso Loureiro Chaves. Nominated for best classical CD and best performer of 2013 — Luciane Cardassi, soloist of Estética do Frio II for piano and string orchestra — in Porto Alegre, Southern Brazil.  With Antonio Carlos Borges Cunha, conductor, and Theatro São Pedro Chamber Orchestra.
Available at Livraria Cultura. 

on faith, work, leisure and sleep

on faithA collaborative project by composer Emilie LeBel and pianist Luciane Cardassi. An interdisciplinary project that combines music, text, and visual arts, this series of pieces is designed to be presented together in a recital length concert, or as individual pieces. The themes, titles, and text used in this project are from Breaker, a collection of poems by Canadian Poet Sue Sinclair.
Available at Emilie Lebel’s Bandcamp.

Prelúdios em Porto Alegre

preludiosCDA collaboration with 6 composers from Porto Alegre, Southern Brazil: Antonio Carlos Borges Cunha, Celso Loureiro Chaves, Flavio Oliveira, Fernando Mattos, Lourdes Saraiva, and James Correa, which resulted in the award winning CD Prelúdios em Porto Alegre, in 1998. The CD included works by Armando Albuquerque and Bruno Kiefer, composers from an earlier generation of Portoalegrenses.
For a free download of Prelúdios em Porto Alegre please visit Brazilian Contemporary Music.