20 years of Prelúdios em Porto Alegre

My very first album is now 20 years old! I am celebrating with a new release in the digital era. Please check it out on cdbaby and spotify. Big thanks to Marcos Abreu who brought the album to the metadata world, to Cleber Rocha das Neves for the timeless artwork, and to everyone involved in the making of this album back in 1998. Finally, I would like to thank the composers whose music has been illuminating my artistic life for more than 2 decades: Fernando Mattos, Celso Loureiro Chaves, Antônio Carlos Borges Cunha, Lourdes Saraiva, Flávio Oliveira, James Correa, Armando Albuquerque and Bruno Kiefer. This album was the beginning of my work collaborating with composers. The last 20 years flew by!

Your review would be much appreciated (Portuguese or English). Enjoy our album!