My online course

udemycourseimageMore than 600 students have already signed up to my online udemy course, “Practical Steps to Overcoming Performance Anxiety” – I am thrilled!  After two decades of research, personal experience, and helping students deal with performance anxiety, I organized my recommendations into this practical course. My goals with this course are to help you:

  • Become a more confident performer
  • Develop your own pre-performance strategies and routine
  • Enjoy more fulfilling performances
  • Become a healthier and happier performer
  • Transform perform anxiety into performance excitement

In celebration of this success, I’m offering a discount for the first 100 readers to enroll! Use this coupon code and pay only $20 (original price is $47). What are you waiting for? Transform anxiety into performance excitement! Go ahead, take the course, and tell your friends!

“This course was amazing, in a really short time it teaches you a new awareness and self-confidence that allows you to better face anxiety both on stage and in life.”  Giulia Frascione

“Professionally presented, and most importantly she is real. She shares her own challenges as a performer and how she triumphed over them. This authenticity allowed me to connect with her and enhance my trust of her teachings. I’m not a musician but I do speak on platforms to audiences so I was able to use all of her suggestions to reduce my stress and enhance my ‘performance’ while having FUN.” Dr. Louis Corletto